Shaq Fu

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Shaq Fu
SHAQ boxart US.jpg
Developer(s) Delphine Software
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Release Date Mega Drive/Genesis

US: October 28, 1994 EU: 1994

SNES US: October 28, 1994 EU: 1994


Auroch Auroch.png Beast Beast.png Colonel Colonel.png Diesel Diesel.png
Kaori Kaori.png Leotsu Leotsu.png Mephis Mephis.png Nezu Nezu.png
Rajah Rajah.png Sett Sett.png Shaq Shaq.png Voodoo Voodoo.png

Game Mechanics


  • Each character has 100 points of health. 1 health is gained every 3 to 4 seconds.

Movement Boost

  • The movement boost acts as a run, or teleport depending on the character.


  • Fury is a comeback mechanic. It is filled by taking damage; approximately damage multiplied by 8. Characters have different thresholds required to go into Fury mode. While activated, it’s not possible to become dizzied unless thrown. The timer is reset when hit. Damage dealt is also increased by 25 to 50%. Beast loses rage from dealing damage, though he gains a forward dash while in Fury.
Fury Meter Gain Tier List
Quick (128) Beasthead.png
Reduced (256) Aurochhead.pngDieselhead.png
Normal (512) Colonelhead.pngKaorihead.pngMephishead.pngNezuhead.pngRajahhead.pngShaqhead.pngSetthead.pngVoodoohead.png
Never (2048) Leotsuhead.png

Power Shield

  • Certain special moves and projectiles need to be power shielded to avoid damage. The bigger the shield the more your hurt box will increase.


  • An opponent becomes dizzied after being thrown. Not all characters can throw. Mephis has a throw that doesn’t dizzy. Hold back or crouch to guard a throw.
Characters that can throw Dieselhead.pngKaorihead.pngLeotsuhead.pngMephishead.pngNezuhead.pngShaqhead.pngSetthead.pngVoodoohead.png

Dizzy State

  • While in the dizzy state, it is possible to recover faster by mashing attack buttons. Mashing fast will stop the stars from spinning above a character's head. Dizzied opponents can be followed up with a pursuit attack or certain specials.

Pursuit Attack

  • A tracking attack meant to hit grounded opponents. The attack will not finish if an attack button is not held. Not all characters have them.
Characters with a pursuit attack Beasthead.pngDieselhead.pngColonelhead.pngKaorihead.pngLeotsuhead.pngMephishead.pngShaqhead.pngSetthead.png

On the ground (OTG)

  • Most characters have specials or normal attacks (Rajah only) that can hit grounded opponents.


Knockdown cancel

  • As soon as the player hits the floor, it is possible to cancel recovery animation by inputting a special move. Does not work with dizzy knockdowns or throws. This is not advised with slow starting special moves.


  • Certain characters that have a fast grab can lock opponents in block stun. Hold Forward & tap MB close to an opponent.


  • Cancel specials into specials to reduce recovery and start-up. Only useful with some specials.

Tier List

Coming soon.

Shaq Shaqhead.png

Attack Comparison

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