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Sailor Saturn
Full name Hotaru Tomoe
Blood type
Special skills

Saturn is the best. At least, she should be, but in the process of making her fair she wound up being one of the worst. Don't worry though: she'll be good again in due time.

As a zoner, she crumbles under pressure with her lack of reversals.


Color Swaps
SMFSSaturnC1.png SMFSSaturnC2.png SMFSSaturnC3.png SMFSSaturnC4.png

Changes from Super S

  • LK/HK moves: no longer unblockable (bug fix)
  • Kick throws are now punch throws and vice-versa (consistency fix) - Air throw included
  • Left and right punch throw directions are reversed (consistency fix)
  • Silence Buster: slower projectile
  • Press Crusher: smaller hitbox + damage decrease (-4)
  • Close HK: does two hits instead of one
  • Close HK: hitbox fix on 2nd sprite
  • Close HP: faster startup
  • Crouch HP: larger hitbox
  • Air HP: larger hitbox
  • Close Crouch HP: faster startup/recovery
  • Far HP / Close LP: larger hitbox
  • Far LP: hitbox removed on 2nd sprite

Base Damage List

  • Silence Buster L (10)
  • Silence Buster H (12)
  • Press Crusher L (10)
  • Press Crusher H (12)
  • Death Ribbon Revolution L (18)
  • Death Ribbon Revolution H (20)
  • Death Drive Break (58)

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