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Sailor Moon Fighter S is an improvement hack of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S Zenin Sanka!! Shuyaku Soudatsusen released on the Super Famicom on March 29, 1996. The hack has been first released on May 05, 2019 and has been updated several multiples times since.

If you are looking for Vanilla Sailor Moon S, Click Here

Current version: 1.67 (April 25, 2020)

Sailor Moon Fighter S


Super S could be considered as a shameless cash grab due to the lack of new content, its changes in sound direction and nerfed gameplay overall compared to its predecesssor. This hack intends to fix most of its flaws so that it feels like a worthy follow-up. If you're a Sailor Moon fan but not into fighting games, don't worry, the game has a built-in "Auto" mode which allows you to perform special attacks easily with shoulder pads. Now pick the best senshi and take the lead role!


  • New "Versus S" game mode (3vs3 matches)
  • Story mode expanded
  • Practice mode improved
  • New stages and songs
  • New characters
  • Random stage selection
  • On-screen hit count display
  • Sound effects updated
  • Additionnal color sets for each character
  • Gameplay changes to make the game more competitive
  • Story and menu English translation

Also included "Purist Edition" which disables the non-Sailor Moon elements.

Game modes

Here is a list of the changes made to various game modes:


Neptune, Uranus, Pluto and Saturn were never intended to be played in story mode. Fighter S corrects that, new dialogs and ending portraits were made for the occasion.

Requirements for ending credits are now:

  • Characters : Super Sailor Moon or Super Sailor Chibimoon
  • Difficulty : Normal or Hard
  • Timer : On


Tournament mode has been left untounched for the most part besides translation. Indeed, each character has their own ending dialog sequence with Tuxedo Mask. Note that extra characters cannot be selected in this mode.


Desperation is listed along specials moves upon hitting START button.

You can now change dummy settings by holding any button when unpausing (works as Player1 only)

For instances :

> if you hold "UP" then press "START" to unpause, Player2 will continuously jump until you pause again.

> if you hold "DOWN" and "B" then press "START" to unpause, Player2 will crouch and attack until you pause again.

Holding R, L or Select activate special moves.


Added a few BGM tracks.

Versus / Versus CP:

Formerly known as "1P vs 2P" or "1P vs COM". On player select screen, press L, R or START for alternate palettes. Press A, B, Y, X for default palette (applies to most game modes in fact) During fights, hit counter records actual hits and chip damage as well.

*New* Versus S / Versus S CP:

This is a KOF style 3 vs 3 mode basically : choose a team of 3 characters to battle against the other player. Life meter is not replenished between fights thus low health characters can use their desperation move right at the start of the next round. You must be careful not to let that happen or be ready to face the consequences.


Gameplay is identical to Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Super S (same engine)

  • Directional commands are listed assuming your character is facing right onscreen (1P side). B.png and F.png are reversed if you're facing the other direction.

U.png - Jump

B.png - Retreat (guard during enemy attack)

D.png - Crouch

DB.png - Guard low (during enemy attack)

F.png - Advance

Y button - LP.png

X button - HP.png

B button - LK.png

A button - HK.png

Playable Characters

Inner Senshi

Sailor Mars


Sailor Mercury


Super Sailor Moon


Super Sailor Chibi Moon


Sailor Venus


Sailor Jupiter

Outer Senshi

Sailor Uranus


Sailor Neptune


Sailor Saturn


Sailor Pluto

Extra Characters

Aoki Marin


Sailor Moon



Stage List

Name Origin
Dead Moon Circus - Day Sailor Moon Super S
Silver Castle Sailor Moon Super S
Space-Time Door - Day Sailor Moon Super S
Seaside Port Sailor Moon Super S
Fountain Park Sailor Moon Super S
Shopping Alley Sailor Moon Super S
Hikawa Shrine Sailor Moon Super S
Elysion Sailor Moon Super S
Throne Room Sailor Moon Super S
Dead Moon Circus - Night Sailor Moon Super S
Fountain - Day Sailor Moon S
Fountain - Night Sailor Moon S
Crystal Tokyo - Evening Sailor Moon S
Crystal Tokyo - Night Sailor Moon S
Developer Team Office Sailor Moon S
Space-Time Door - Night Sailor Moon S
Crystal Palace Sailor Moon R
Planet Nemesis Sailor Moon R
Tenkaichi Budokai DBZ Super Butouden 3
Studio 6 TMNT Tournament Fighters
Parthenon Temple Ranma 1/2
Hikawa Shrine - Inside Fighter's History
Tokyo Tower Pretty Soldier Arcade
Juuban Streets
Aomori Cliffs Seifuku Densetsu: Pretty Fighter
Training Room Yu Yu Hakusho SF

Move List

SMFSmoves.png SMFSmoves2.png

Tier List

Coming someday.

Game Footage


Vivify93 : Localization and proofreading

Yosenex : Japanese to English translation

Sprint : Sailor Moon S Lua Script which helped understanding the game's inner workings

ThatIdahoGuy : Super Sailor Chibimoon's Luna-P Attack graphics

Moonlight Fight Society : Testing and feedback

Metaquarius 'The madman' : Everything else

Download Link and Instructions

Latest stable version is posted here:

The hack is provided as an IPS (international patching system) file that must be applied to a ROM file. To patch the ROM file, you also need to get a patcher (such as LunarIPS) The hack runs properly on ZSNES, SNES9X, Higan/BSNES so there's a good chance it works on other emus as well.

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