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Real name Charlie Nash
Height 6'1" (186 cm)
Weight 205 lbs (93 kg)
Birthday June 19
Birthplace USA
Occupation Special Forces
Fighting style Special Forces training

nash is a character from x men vs street fighter


  • Sonic boom:qcf+P
  • Flash kick: D,u+K


  • Flash explosion: qcfx2+K
  • Crossfire blizt:Charge b,f(Hold for a half sec),b,f+P


decent normals Flash kick is incredibly fast and easy to do and hits up to 3 times in the corner so you basicly cant jump at him But sonic boom is worthless and has 10 years of recovery To make up for being Soso aside from defense his super is one of the best in the game Which gurentees all the hits when it connects and does about 60% Its possible for it to dizzy into itself for a free kill Despite this Level of damage He is Bottom tier for the Simple fact that He has a Really horrible get up animation Which allows People To combo him On wakeup example would be ryu knocks him down with a tatsu and continuely Sweeps To death