Mega Tigerzord

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Mega Tigerzord is a weird hybrid of zoner, rushdown, and setplay. With strong dash attacks that can link into a knockdown or super, as well as a very bizarre power ball projectile, he can deal a ton of damage if used correctly.

Game plan

Your general goal in most matchups is to secure a knockdown, throw an EX ball, and pressure with it. This can be done multiple ways, such as zoning with the EX ball, using dash attack pressure, as well as general footsies with spaced crouching strong attack. The key is to be EXTREMELY adaptive to the opponent as well as the matchup, as they will dictate what you need to do during the game.



Weak attack: Fast chainable standing jab, can link into standing strong attack, crouching strong attack, standing weak weapon, and crouching light weapon DOES NOT HIT CROUCHING

Strong attack: 2-hit mid punch that you can confirm into super.

Weak Weapon: Good mid poke that links into standing light attack, crouching light attack, standing strong attack, and crouching strong attack.

Strong Weapon: Slow, 2-hit uppercut type move. Can be used as an anti air in a pinch, but generally not that strong. Use for weird frame trap and chip situations only.


(Gigantic WIP)