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Jen-Tai falls into the camp of being one of the easier characters to pick up and play in the game, relying on somewhat more traditional inputs than some of the esoterics
other characters require you to learn. Her toolkit is very strong as a result; the only major drawback of that is her being somewhat linear, and lacking a fireball or
methods of circumventing some of the game's zoning means that her options become based around playing aggressively with her big buttons and trying to force decisions in her favor,
which can lead to her eating a lot of thrust blocks and deflects. Cautious scouting and counterplay will be the thing that leads her to victory.



  • You will want to become accustomed to buffering for Weapon Break opportunities with her Backhand Blast ( thrust block, crouching F2 xx hold B2 motion B, UB, F ).
  • Face Breaker / Reverse Kick ( b,f+B2 or B3 ) causes guard drop / is your opener if they are comfortable blocking
  • Shield Toss / Shield Ram ( hold B2 or B3, QCF ) is a power deflect; if an opponent attempts to clash this they will be stunned and vulnerable to a combo.
  • the knockdown from Leg Breaker ( QCF+F2 or F3 ) can be followed up with either a Ram Toss OTG ( hold F2 or F3, f,uf,u,b ) or her Takedown, Down Strike ( hold B2, u,u,d )
  • It is somewhat tricky to buffer, but Death Blade Frenzy ( hold F2 or F3, df,d,f ) can serve as an alternative to end combos, as it will leave them standing. ( It will knock down if used after Shield Spike or a double over Stun, or while comboing a backturned opponent, however. ) You can also OTG with it after Leg Breaker.
  • Unlike a few other Takedowns in the game, Down Strike ( hold B2, u,u,d ) can be comboed into from either F3 or B3, or in a pinch used like a shorthop, albeit risky.



  • SNES:

close meaty B3, B2 cr.F2 b,f+B2, B2 cr.F2 b,f+F2 F3 xx qcf+F2, hold B2 u,u,d ( vs Bane, around 49% dmg )

  • Genesis

j.down+B2, cr.B1 ( inflicts Stumble ), stand B3, B2 cr.F2 xx b,f+F3 ( double over Stun ), microwalk, B3, B2, cr.F2 xx QCF+F3, walk, tap F3 - hold F3, f,b,db,d ( vs Bane, 100% / TOD, example here: )


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