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The biggest challenge when setting up a SNES fighting games with a arcade stick in mind is the varying quality of SNES arcade sticks. For some the original arcade sticks created for the SNES may be a viable option, but for others, the need for a more modern arcade stick may be considered a necessity. For those looking to use a modern arcade stick, the options are often to either pad hack a SNES controller, thus destroying a SNES controller in exchange for a stick devoted to retro systems; or to look into a PCB which supports SNES and installing that into a modern stick or externally as a converter. Whatever your choice of methodology, this page is here to help you make that dream a reality.

Retro SNES Arcade Sticks of Note

Padhacking Guide

Building an Undamned to MC Cthulhu / Retro Board Converter

Guide by Amedo310

If you ever wanted to make a multi-console converter that allowed your ps3/ 360 stick to work on consoles like Sega Saturn, SNES, Game-Cube (Wii), or more, this guide will help. This guide will only cover the connection from the Undamned to one of the mutli-consoles PCB s and getting the converter to work. The project does require a little of soldering to give the Undamned PCB an external power source.

Parts List

  • Undamned PCB - One of the main parts needed for this project. The Undamned PCB decodes Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers buttons/ directional into their own separate outputs. These PCBs are mainly used to play on arcade boards, but for this project, they will allow ps3/360 controllers to work on multiple consoles.
  • Multi-Console PCB
    • MC Cthulhu - My favorite multi-console pcb. It works on Playstation, Playstation 2, Sega Saturn, Gamecube (including Wii VC titles and disc based titles that support the Gamecube controller), Original XBOX, TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine, Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom, and Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom. This will require soldering for full multi-console functionality. Please refer to Filthy Pants: A Computer Blog - Retro Console RJ45 Pinouts - PS360+, MC-Cthulhu, Brook Retro Board for MC Cthulhu RJ45 connection information and to get the latest firmware.
    • Retro Board - Another multi-console PCB made by brook. It works on the same amount of consoles as the MC Cthulhu and it has an RJ45 port which does not require any soldering.
    • PS360+?: Not a good PCB for this project. It takes too much power or time for consoles like PS2 and SNES.
  • RJ45 Pass-through Connection (Optional)
  • NEUTRIK NE-8FDP - Ethernet Extension Adapter for MC Cthulhu
  • External Power Source
    • Plug USB Charger Hub with 2.1A ports (for SNES, PSX/PS2)
    • DC-DC 1-5V to 5V Step Up Power Supply Module Boost Converter 500m NJ
  • Soldering Iron and Solder - Outside of adding RJ45 connection to the MC Cthulhu, you’ll need to solder four wires to the module boost converter or two wires to the 5V and GND spots under the Undamned PCB. I did both just to make sure the converter worked.
  • Wires - Any thin wires will do as long as they can fit in the PCB terminals, I mainly use wires from IDE master/slave ribbon cables.
  • Wire cutters - Mainly used to trim the wires.


The project mostly consists of connecting all the control outputs from the Undamned PCB to their corresponding inputs on the multi-console PCB.

5V/ VCC and GND Connection

Certain consoles like the PS2 will not give the multi-console and Undamned PCBs enough power to function properly in the converter, so it’s best to add a power source. You can do it two ways:

  • 1. A DC-DC 1-5V to 5V Step Up Power Supply Module Boost Converter between the multi-console’s 5/VCC and GND outputs to the Undamned 5V and GND inputs. The Module Booster basically convert the power from the mutli-console PCB into enough voltage to power the Undamned PCB.
    • Basic Diagram
DC-DC 1-5V to 5V Step Up Power Supply Module
Basic Pin Out
MC Cthulhu / Retro Board Outputs Multi Console to DC-DC 1-5V DC-DC 1-5 to 5V Module Boost Converter to Undamned Board Undamned Inputs
VCC / (VDD_DV - Retro Board) IN+ 5V 5V
  • 2. Make a connection between the 5V and GND points under the Undamned PCB to an external power source like a 5v battery or the 5V (Red) and the GND (black) wires of a USB cable to connect to a 2.1A ported USB charger. Diagram of the bottom of the Undamned PCB:
Undamned PCB

Both ways can be used in one converter, but the A DC-DC 1-5V to 5V Step Up Power Supply Module Boost Converter is the recommended option before an external power source.

The Rest of the Connections between the Multi-Console PCB and the Undamned PCB: Now connect all the control outputs from the Undamned PCB to their corresponding inputs on the multi-console PCB.

Control Connections Pinout
Undamned Outputs MC Cthulhu / Retro Board Inputs
Up Up
Down Down
Left Left
Right Right
1P 1P
2P 2P
3P 3P
4P 4P
1K 1K
2K 2K
3K 3K
4K 4K
Start Start
Select Select
Home Home / (PS / XBOX - Retro Board)

That’s it for the wiring and the converter can be tested at this point. I encased my converters into plastic boxes which has pass-through to connect from a stick to the console.

Completed Converters in Cases
USB Pass-through for PS3/XBOX 360 Controllers
NEUTRIK NE-8FDP/ RJ45 Pass-through for RJ45 to Console Cables

How to Use the Converter

Whenever I plug my converters to any console, I follow a particular order to get them to work properly.

  1. Plug converter (the Multi-Console PCB part) to the console.
  2. Plug PS3/ Xbox360 controller/stick to converter (the Undamned PCB part). If the controller/ stick can toggle between modern gen (PS4/Xbox One) and previous gen (PS3/ XBOX 360), make sure it is in the previous gen state before plugging it to the Undamned PCB.
  3. Plug USB charger to the converter. (Optional if an external power source is used.)

  • Note: RJ45 to Official PS2 controller cables will not work without an external power source to the converter.

Cables that will work with just the Module Booster installed:

1. Madcatz Extension Cables - Any color.

2. Official PSX/PS1 Controller Cables

3. Madcatz PS2 Controller Cables - Any color.