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Model number



FGT: 130

WEP: 140

SPD: 150

POW: 120

ARM: 130

RFN: Wing Gundam

HEI: 16.3

WEI: 7.1

MAT: Gundanium RN: XXXG-01W

AMS: Vulcan Gun*2, Machine Cannon*2, Shield*1, Buster Rifle*1, Beam Sabre*1

IGP: [HEERO] Heero Yuy


Move List


Buster Rifle Blast (5 per shot)-QCF + Attack;

Ground or air

Wing fires a blast out of its buster rifle. Light fires one small shot; heavy fires three big shots.

Shield Uppercut (17-23)-DP + Attack;

Ground or air

Wing performs a rising uppercut attack with its shield that ends with a beam sabre slash. Light version hits three times; heavy hits five times.

Wing Combination (13-22)-QCB + Attack;

Ground only

Wing rushes at the opponent, connecting with its shield and beam sabre. Light version hits twice, heavy version hits three times. Both knock the opponent down if they connect.


Super Buster Rifle (33)-QCF,QCF + Attack;

Ground or air

Wing fires three large shots from its buster rifle. Hits nine times.

Bird Mode (40)-QCB,QCB + Attack;

Ground only

Wing leaps off-screen and enters Bird mode, flying across the screen three times. Hits up to five times with each pass. Wing is invincible during this move.

Move Analysis




SWPx4, SWw, CWw, Ssw, Csw (1x4+1+1+1+1=8) (0/0)
Ssw, Csw, GQCB+sk, CWPx5, CWw, CsP (1+1+3+1x5+1+1=10) (100/70)
SWPx3, GFDD+sk, CWPx5, CWw, CsP (1x3+5+1x5+1+1=15) (100/55)
SWPx2, SsP, GFDD+sk, CWPx5, CWw, CsP (1x2+1+5+1x5+1+1=15) (100/55)
SWV, SsV, GQCFx2+k (3+6+7=16) (209/209)
QCF+sk, SWV, SsV, GQCFx2+k (3+3+6+6=18) (309/264)

Combos: Jump and Annoy: SJ, (when in reach) sW, (immediately when on ground) csp, rlr(1+1+1+1=4)
Weak Kick to Buster Shot: cwp x3, cwp (2-in-1), df+f+k (3+1+1/3=5/7)
Up against The Wall: (when op. is in air and corner) TDD+sp, cwp x3, cwW, sW,QCA+sw (10, unverified)
Long-Range Killer: QCT+sW, wk, QCT x2+sW (18, unverified)
Flying Charge: sp, TDD+sp
Abandon: QCT+sp, (enemy knocked to the end of screen) wp, sp, QCTx2+sp
Silencer: wp, wW, TDD+sp
Shutdown: wW, cwW, TDD+sp
Sweep: wpx3, cwpx2, csp
Sweeper: cwpx4, csp
Air Dance: wW, sp, (when in hori. range) QCA+sp
Air Dance Mark II: cwW, sp, (when in hori. range) QCA+sp
Omega Sword: wW, cwW, sW, csW
Marksmanship: (at Vulcan range) wp, sp, QCT+sp, QCTx2+sp

Basic Strategy

Advanced Strategy

The Good:

  • Fast.
  • Combos well.
  • Very nice reach.
  • Hits hard.
  • Versatile.
  • Multihit Projectiles

The Bad:

  • Combos are not easy to pull off.
  • Defense is a little low at best.
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