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|S-tier=[[Mothra]], [[Gotengo]], [[Super Mecha Godzilla]]
|B-tier='''Biollante''', '''Gotengo''', '''Mecha Godzilla (Showa)''', '''Super MechaGodzilla'''
|B-tier=[[Biollante]], [[Mecha Godzilla (Showa)]],  
|C-tier='''MechaGodzilla (Heisei)''', '''Biollante''', '''Godzilla'''
|C-tier=[[MechaGodzilla (Heisei)]], [[Anguirus]], [[Godzilla]]
|E-tier='''Megalon''', '''Godzilla''', '''Anguirus''', '''Gigan'''
|E-tier=[[Gigan]], [[Megalon]]

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Godzilla Kaijuu Daikessen
GodzillaKD boxart JP.jpg
Developer(s) Alfa System
Publisher(s) Toho Co., LTD.
Producer(s) Akira Kobayashi, Junichi Tsunoda, Masato Takeno, Seigo Taniguchi
Release Date JP: December 1994


Coming soon.


General mechanics: This is not a combo heavy game. It’s all about neutral, decisions, pokes, and getting your gameplan going. Grabs start most combos and the biggest damage comes from some of those and your super reversals/super punishes

Every character has a light and heavy attack There is a button you hold to dash forward and backwards Top meter is health and the one under it is the stun meter Your super is called a ‘Wrath attack’, it can be done once the monster icon at the bottom corner of your side of the screen is filled Wrath attack builds via taking damage Wrath attacks go through all incoming attacks but if hit while doing one you are knocked out of it in most cases (Still testing) Blocking specials and supers builds Wrath attack meter but blocking normals does not Once the stun meter maxes out you go into a knockdown state and are susceptible to attacks. You get back up once the stun meter clears out Each character can let out their signature roar with 2 taps of the dash button while neutral When about half-screen away from your opponent your roar will add a small amount of stun to their stun bar, meaning once your opponent is about 25-30% away from stun you can let out a roar and stun them. Roars are unsafe so be careful Each character also has access to a grapple button in which you can put in a corresponding input and get 3 different grabs.

After a grab hurry and input to get the follow up. Your opponent can mash out


If your stun meter is high enough to be filled after 2 roars get out of the situation asap or you could easily get stunned. And if you have your opponent close by and they have enough stun to be roared against roar your heart out

Teched throws can be easily punished


Coming soon.

Tier List

Top Mothra, Gotengo, Super Mecha Godzilla
High Biollante, Mecha Godzilla (Showa),
Mid MechaGodzilla (Heisei), Anguirus, Godzilla
Low Gigan, Megalon


Coming Soon.

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