Fighter's History: Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu

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Fighter's History: Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!!
Developer(s) Data East
Publisher(s) Data East
Release Date JP: Feb 17, 1995


Fighter's History Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu, (henceforth referred to as (FHMKI) was a game released exclusively for the Super Famicom by Data East shortly after Fighter's History Dynamite was released exclusively to Neo-Geo systems. It boasts a lot of changes over it's predecessor - it features less characters overall while adding an entirely new boss in the form of Chelnov, a hero from an older Data East title; it has new moves and tweaks for returning characters, and adds a story mode as well as practice, survival and a 4 player tag-team mode.


This is a fairly simple game system wise. There are four buttons and you can block and backdash. Normal throws are a direction and a button press. The system may be simple, but don't be fooled! It's difficult to master.


  • Directional commands are listed assuming your character is facing right onscreen (1P side). and are reversed if you're facing the other direction.

Basic Controls

- Jump

- Retreat (guard during enemy attack)

- Crouch

- Guard low (during enemy attack)

- Advance

Back Dash (repeatable)

Y button - - Light Punch

X button - - Hard Punch

B button - - Light Kick

A button - - Hard Kick

Playable Characters

  • Chelnov - Chelnov, the main character from Data East's Atomic Runner and unfair boss character of this game. Ray might not be in this one, but RAYS sure are.
  • Clown - A Clown.
  • Liu Yungmie - The Chun-Li function, but with a fun fireball gimmick.
  • Liu Feilin - Will never get an FAQ.
  • Zazie Muhaba - The Brazilian character
  • Mizoguchi Makoto - The Bancho character
  • Lee Diendo - The Chinese character. Prototype Yun.
  • Ryoko Kano - The Judo master.
  • Karnov - A jolly fat man and once hero of Data East's Karnov. That was after he ate all those children and went to Hell though.

Basic System Overview

  • Any normal attack chains into any other normal attack on hit or block, including the same normal attack repeatedly. All normals also chain into any special attack, including command throws and they will execute if the character is within range.
  • Backdashes are all invincible for a bit. There are no forward dashes except for Zazie's command dash.
  • There is no damage scaling. All hits do their full 100% damage regardless of where they are in a combo.
  • Throws cannot be escaped or softened. You can counter-mash to reduce hold damage.
  • There are no super attacks in this game. There are "secret" moves that require unusual inputs and typically are stronger attacks.

Tier List

S Chelnov - An abundance of projectiles at all heights and angles, strong normals. Boss character.
A Lee Diendo - Prototype Yun. Can close gaps instantly and has high priority, high damage moves. His secret attack cancels all projectiles while active.
Karnov - Great fireballs, good rush attack for lockdown; generally good tools. Balloon attack has huge invincibility and comboability.
Zazie - Great normals; invincible uppercut; best command slide.
B Liu Yungmie - Good zoning and keepaway; Her fire kick is a good wakeup attack that can be moved forward and back and does considerable damage in or out of combos.
Clown - Strong Zoning; rolling moves are fast and can be tricky to avoid, best normal hold in the game.
Mizoguchi - Solid Shoto-clone moveset; good pressure; invincible uppercut; highest damaging Super Art. Has a very easy instakill combo.
C Liu Feilin - Decent ranged attacks; specials cause a lot of disadvantage on hit.
D Ryoko - Solid pokes; Tiers are garbage as Ryoko can knock anyone flat in an instant.

Fighter's History: Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu
Chelnov Clown Liu Feilin
Karnov Lee Diendo Mizoguchi Makoto
Kano Ryoko Liu Yungmie Zazie Muhaba