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The undisputed best character in the game on paper, the sorceress Divada is the queen of Weaponlord, possessing a dizzying array of
tech designed to overwhelm and frustrate opponents. Divada can do things in this game that no other character is designed or equipped
to handle; that said, this comes with maybe one of the steepest learning curves in all of the fighting games on the SNES console.
Several of the moves in her kit were simply not designed with the most ease of use, maybe created for an audience of hypothetical
execution monsters who did not yet exist; some time in the lab will be a necessity to really draw out her strengths, but those who
really sit with her will discover a true beast of a character that defies archetype.



  • At certain ranges, Divada's Ground Blast ( hold B2 or B3, u, ub, d ), by itself or cancelled into, is virtually unpunishable; as it is a true low, grants you a short juggle opportunity and free OTG, OTGs itself, and generally forces her advantage in neutral, learn to abuse this. You can almost rapidfire ground blasts one after the other; if you're not sure what you should be doing with Divada at one character length away, nine times out of ten it's cancelling a button into this.
  • her Soul Drill divekick ( b,db,f B2 or B3 ) can be made to hit in very ambiguous looking ways or hit very meaty after some setups; it usually must be blocked as a same-side, though it can be angled to look very much like it crosses up
  • her jumping B3, used jumping straight up, will hit twice on standing Zarak as an instant overhead
  • Soul Displacer ( hold F3, d,d,f ) has a unique Deflect property where if clashed with it will deflect the attack, hit & pass through the opponent and leave Divada free to start comboing the opponent with them backturned, combos from said situation being utterly lethal. Soul Displacer can be comboed into from the first hit of F3; it becomes easier to land after conditioning the opponent with low ground blasts.
  • Post knockdown from landing a ground blast or Psycho Blades ( hold F2 or F3, u, uf, b ), Divada gets very ambiguous setups using the Orb Of Souls cancel ( hold MP or HP, u u uf to initiate, then f,df,d + B3 to exit the orb ); she gets to either set up a same side, crossup, or empty orb cancel into a low, depending - in accordance with how jump-ins work in this engine, you can use this for corner crossups / to steal corners when the opponent is cornered, as well
  • Heel Kick ( f,f + F2 or F3 ) has the guard drop property and will break guard if opponent is content guarding.
  • Hell Deflect ( hold F2 or F3, hcf ) has the standard deflect property and will knock aside normals in a clash scenario leaving them vulnerable to a free hit; cancel into this instead of ground blast sometimes to dissuade them from swinging at you.



  • SNES:

neutral jump B3 ( 2 hits ), B3 1hit xx soul displacer ( hold F3, d,d,f ), close F3, F2 xx psycho blades ( hold F2 or F3, u, uf, b ), link F2 xx ground blast ( hold B2 or B3, u, ub, d ), OTG death whirl ( f,db,d F2 or F3 ) ( extremely difficult, may only work vs Bane, Zarak )

  • Genesis

neutral j.B3 2hit, microwalk, neutral j.B3 2hit, microwalk, neutral j.B3 2hit, microwalk, neutral j.B3 2hit, F3 1hit xx hold B3 u,ub,d, walk, F3, F3, f,db,d F3 ( 100% / TOD vs Jen-Tai, example - https://twitter.com/eagle_epsilon/status/1422937788543082497 )


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