Clown (FHMKI)

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Clown (FHMKI)
Clown FH.png
Date of Birth August 29, 1960
Height 179cm
Weight 64kg
Blood type A
Country ???
Occupation Owner of the Clown's Circus
Likes Pretty young boys, bears, tarot cards
Dislikes Unattractive boys, staying up late (bad for his beauty)
After a victory at Great Grapple, he founded "Clown's Circus." Though he became very popular in the circus scene, he made up his mind to go on a journey to meet an attractive male fighter and to become the world's strongest clown defeating Karnov.


Clown's violent hysterics, erratic moveset, and almost borderline pedophilia-infused persona makes for a striking and somewhat creepy individual in Fighter's History.What with him being a charge character, it's always a good idea to keep buffering and maintain an unpredictable play style with the use of his "Bacchanal Ball" (Blanka Ball but it's Bacchanal, look it up) which goes vertically or horizontally.His only projectile "Pick A Card" should also be incorporated into this madcap game of trickery and misdirection.With solid normals and incredible pressure set-ups this Wackbag's gonna have a hell of a time makin' your life miserable if you have to fight HIM.


Coming soon.

Move List

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FHMKI Cart JP.png
Fighter's History: Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu
Chelnov Clown Liu Feilin
Karnov Lee Diendo Mizoguchi Makoto
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