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As one of the game's two largest characters, Bane comes equipped with an assortment of threatening tools
capable of almost nuclear damage output, incredible chipping ability and excellent priority as he cannot be Weapon Broken,
but with a caveat of two glaring, blatant flaws: his attacks are probably the slowest in the game comparatively, and as the
largest character in the game the size of his hurtboxes mean that he takes the most punishment out of the
entire cast when he gets read, when he crouches or especially if he gets hit backturned, some combos only
becoming possible on him. Within that framework, Bane's goalpost is to shut the opponent down with his
terrifying close range pressure, cornering his prey and running away with their lifebar before they can
contend with it. As a lot of the cast can be elusive, this will require a few hard reads on Bane's part, and a bit of patience.



  • A critical normal for Bane players, Bane's 2 hit jab / B1 is an essential button in many ways; a well placed clash with either hit due to its catch property, cancelled into the medium strength version of Skull Crusher ( hold B2, b,ub,u,uf ) with proper timing will inflict a Weapon Break. The 2 hits also very easily allow you to hit confirm into Bane's hit-grab Curse Slam ( hold B2 or B3, f, uf, u, d ), netting you a knockdown and potential setup.
  • Iron Fist ( b,db,d,f B2 or B3 ) will inflict guard drop / break a normal guard.
  • Head Rocker ( f,d,f B2 or B3 ) is Bane's power deflect and will stun an opponent attempting to clash it.



  • SNES:

( opponent cornered ) j.F3, B3, F2, cr.B2, hcf+F3 ( stun ), F3 xx b,d,b+F3 ( small launch ), B1 1hit xx ( hold F2 or F3 b,f,uf )

  • Genesis

j.F3, B2 ( stumble ), B3, F2, B1 xx hcf+F3, B3, F2, ( hold F2 or F3, u,b,d ), microwalk B2 cr.B2 xx ( hold B2 or B3 f, uf, u, d ) ( 100% / TOD, example: )


Bane Divada Jen-Tai
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