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This incarnation of Wolverine is a sprite rip from the original X-Men vs. Street Fighter.


Special Moves

  • Berserker Slash: qcf+p
  • Drill Claw: Dp+K
  • Swiss Cheese: px2
  • Upward Drill Claw: Dp+P


  • Berserker Barrage: hcf+P or k


Really tiny hurt box that makes half the moves in the miss and makes him a likely candidate for best character in the game. Easy to spam normal pokes with p,p crouch k and crouch p. High priority on his super which also does a ton of damage. Berserker Slash - qcf+P destroys projectiles and is incredibly easy to use repeatedly with decent anti-air capabilities, stick with Drill Claw - dp + P. His Upwards Drill Claw - dp + K hits multiple times and inflicts a large amount of chip while building a lot of meter. Spam his really good super as it does a ton of damage on hit or block.