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Sailor Moon S is not a perfectly symmetrical game; Player 1 and Player 2 have different properties on the same move in the same situation. This is probably due to development oversight or game glitches, and sometimes referred to as “Port Advantage.” However, the game is very consistent once you understand the rules. This document explains the advantages that P1 and P2 each have. There is also a Cheat Sheet to use for quick reference.

Side Advantages

P1 Advantages

  • If both players throw on the same frame, P1 will always win. This is true when command grabs and normal throws connect on the same frame, as well.
  • P1 can cancel the end of their backdash into a normal throw. This is very useful for characters like Chibimoon and Pluto who lack good reversal options.
  • P1 gets to pick the stage

P2 Advantages

  • When P2 techs a throw from P1, P2 has invincibility until they can block upon landing. However, when P1 techs a throw from P2, P1 cannot block on landing for 1 frame. This can give P2 a free combo if their throw is teched in the corner.
  • When P2 throws P1, P2 is completely invincible through the recovery of P2’s throw animation. P1’s invincibility on their throw varies with the animation.
  • This is important for Mercury because her throw is -5 on throw tech. If a P1 Mercury throws P2 into the corner, P2 can tech the throw and punish the throw.
  • P2 Mercury cannot be punished this way, and can actually abuse her invincibility to try to throw loop the opponent.
  • When P2 performs a Reversal backdash (or forward dash for Uranus), P2 can block, backdash, or perform any normal or special immediately after their invincibility ends.

Character direction advantages

  • Range on throws and attacks varies slightly based on which direction the character is facing. This does not change for P1 or P2 port, only current character direction. However, since P1 starts facing right and P2 starts facing left, this is another way Sailor Moon S is asymmetrical.
  • Player facing right has 1 pixel more range on throws. This includes command throws.
  • Player facing left has 1 pixel more range on their normals and specials (including projectiles).

Source videos:

【Tutorial 1】Sailor Moon S【Basic knowledge of "Throw"】 【Tutorial 9】Sailor Moon S【Reversal and Back Dash】

Thank you to @Koushun1022 for the source material and @LEmentalBeast for help making this document. Hit me up @STLMrK with any questions or feedback.