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As the game's protagonist, Korr falls onto the easier to use side of the cast, despite having a toolkit that subverts
the expectations one might have of such a character. Korr thrives on intense high pressure games, throwing out an onslaught
of dominant mid-range and up-close sword attacks, daring opponents to match the pace of his aggression; you can see a lot of
the early Killer Instinct-adjacent ideas in what he does. However, a lot of what Korr performs is very committal; despite getting
access to an excellent Deflect with a built in crouch state ( and falling faster than normal & being difficult to juggle and OTG, in the Genesis
port ), Korr is extremely vulnerable to being weapon-broken himself and can suffer for it, so without truly overwhelming mixups he
has to make good reads, or go for unsafe risks.



  • A well timed F2 clash, into Tarok Strike ( hold f2 or f3, db,d,df,f ) will result in Weapon Break for the opponent. This has to be precise as to not get input overlap with Gut Smash ( hcf + F2 or F3 ).
  • Firestorm ( hold f2 or f3 u uf d ) is a fantastic attack to throw out at midrange with little recovery and a massive hitbox. Great combo ender.
  • 360 Flame Strike ( hold b2 or b3, f,u,uf ), when clashed, will usually cause Korr to bounce / recoil and propel Korr to a safe range. This move can be ducked, however.
  • Power Kick ( b,f + B2 or B3 ) has the guard drop property.
  • Korr's aptly named Power Deflect ( hold f2 or f3, f,df,d,db ) is his deflect, great in strings as he crouches down in a low profile and has little recovery.



  • SNES:

jump in deep F3, B3 xx hcf+F3, ( Stun ), B3 B2 xx f,f+F2 or F3, B3 xx hold (F3) u,uf,d ( Firestorm hits OTG )

  • Genesis

jdown+F2, cr.F2 ( Stumble ), F3 cr.B3 hcf F3 ( Stun ), F3 crB3 f,f+F3, microwalk B3 hcf+F3, cr.F3 cr.F2 - 100% / TOD ( vs Zorn - example - https://twitter.com/eagle_epsilon/status/1422785166909624320 )


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